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Skin cancer screeningEducation about skin cancer prevention and detection is a social responsibility.

Most Americans are unaware that skin cancer is being diagnosed in epidemic numbers; that within 10 years melanoma may be diagnosed more often than lung cancer within certain segments of the population; and that the cost to the American medical system could be in the 10s of billions of dollars.

This potential epidemic can be slowed through the understanding of individual risk factors, early and continued protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and early detection and treatment of the disease.

The Live SunSmart Foundation offers elementary and middle school education programs, suitable for any classroom.  High School students can organize a SunSmart Awareness Weekend around the days sporting events and games.  Download the SunSmart Awareness Instruction Manual.

sunsmart awareness weekend playbook

Contact us for supporting information you can share with your classroom on the importance of preventing skin cancer and living a fun, active sun smart life!

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