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What We Do

Live SunSmart (formerly the Ray Festa Melanoma Foundation) began in January 1993 to promote healthy, fun lifestyle behaviors. We educate others by supporting community-based activities, fostering education throughout the community and especially within athletic programs, and engaging influential leaders in our cause.

Our message is simple: Have fun in the sun by being active AND by being SunSmart.

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What makes us different

We are a lifestyle organization. While funding research is also important, our goal with the Live SunSmart Foundation is to bring awareness to the causes of skin cancer and prevent it from happening in the first place. We don’t preach death and we never tell people to stay inside. We encourage everyone to go outside, to have fun and to do so in a sunsmart way!

We encourage everyone to take good care of their skin by:

  • Using sunscreen, applying it properly and reapplying often
  • Wearing protective clothing, hats and sunglasses
  • Constantly being aware of changes in your skin
  • Getting regular skin cancer screenings from board-certified dermatologists

Melanoma is the most curable form of cancer when found early. With increased education and awareness, the Live SunSmart Foundation WILL save lives!

Our Mission

The mission of the Live SunSmart Foundation is to teach everyone – no matter their race, color, age, gender or ethnicity – how to live safely with the sun by making the application of sunscreen and other sun safe practices a normal part of people’s everyday routine.

To deliver this promise, we will:

  • Educate everyone on the importance of regular skin screenings and taking steps to prevent skin cancer
  • Institute educational programs targeting specific at-risk populations
  • Engage community leaders in our cause
  • Establish local high school chapters focused on skin cancer awareness and prevention
  • Establish relationships with corporate charitable foundations whose giving strategies are aligned with our mission.
  • Create alliances with appropriate sports properties and educational organizations to further the education and support for skin cancer prevention
  • Encouraging everyone to be SunSmart ambassadors to help communicate the message to their friends and loved ones